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Is Cryptocurrency Selling Out To Centralization?
My concern rather is with the concentration of crypto wealth and what seem to be systemic reasons for...
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Ultimate Guide to Interchange Revenue
Online card purchases generate higher interchange fees than offline card purchases, in order...
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A Universal Gigabit Future Depends on Open Access Fiber
The future is online. Actually, the present is online, and the future more so. The COVID-19...
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Whistleblowers who expose illegal behaviour in financial firms ‘should be rewarded’
Research found 72pc of Irish people are in favour of rewarding whistleblowers. Payouts to whistleblowers...
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Addictive 'Brain Hijacking' Methods Of Social Media Platforms Harmful To Users, Especially Children
Addictive “brain hijacking” methods used by social media giants to keep users on their platforms have...
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'No Surprise Act' Could Bring Unexpected Transparency, Innovation to Healthcare Payments
The No Surprise Act (NSA) and Transparency in Coverage rule recently issued by the Biden Administration...
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This is the most important skill for a leader to have right now
A new study shows that empathy has a direct impact on innovation, inclusion and the success of female...
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The key to superapp success is a super wallet
The superapp concept was first popularized in China by Tencent’s WeChat and Ant Group’s Alipay to describe...
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Lessons from the rapidly evolving regulation of digital banking
Business models—as expected—are often aligned with licensing conditions, which guide how banks can launch...
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