The FIAKS Leadership Conclave is our next level initiative to applaud and recognise exemplary intellectual and academic contributions in Banking, Fin-Tech, Payment, Technology and E- commerce sector on the platform. With the Leadership Conclave, FIAKS aims at initiating a forward thinking and growth mindset among the future leaders of the industry. The leadership conclave will facilitate a unique platform for business leaders, Banking, Payments, Fintech and E-Commerce industry experts to connect.
Talent and raw originality come in all shapes and sizes and does not discriminate by age, gender or organizations worked for!. FIAKS identifies these brilliant minds in the community and aims to recognise them as IGNITED MINDS, PATH FINDERS, INTELLECTUAL EXPLORERS!
The FIAKS Award is a true testament to the continuous efforts and thoughts in the community; that have driven insights, conversations, and discussions. With the sharing of articles, posts and news from across the globe to raising crucial questions and offering solutions, FIAKS community is creating an enlightened ecosystem of talent and innovation.

FIAKS Ignited Minds Awards

An idea that kindled in your mind and a story that awakened a dialogue… we call an ignited mind!
This award is presented to individuals who have been relentless in their endeavour to share the latest news, interesting articles and knowledgeable updates in the community. The awards are being presented after a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the posts shared in the last year

FIAKS Pathfinder Awards

An innovator in thought and a forerunner with ideas to forge your own path… we call a pathfinder!
This award is presented to individuals who have been sharing their opinions backed by intelligent thought. These intellectuals have pushed the boundaries of original thinking while driving relevant discussion and directions to policies.

FIAKS Intellectual Explorer Award

An academic voyager that discovers unique ideas and solutions… we call Intellectual Explorer!
This award is presented to leaders of the industry who have pushed the traditional way of thinking to discover inventive concepts. These individuals have been sharing fundamentally exceptional thoughts that guide the community to think in a very different manner, to discover novel solutions and ways of working in the industry.

How Do You Get Nominated ?

FIAKS community is an ever-growing world of intellectuals in the domain of  Banking,Payments, Fintech,Finance and Technology. And every day we see multiple posts shared, various dialogues and discussions that are encouraged by these posts as well as news that creates an awareness of every on-going across our world. Thus, each individual who has participated across the last 1 year from January 2019 – December 2019, is eligible to qualify. The nominees are selected on two major criteria’s:

A. KNOWLEDGE POSTS – The frequency, quantity and quality of posts, articles and news shared
B. INTELLECTUAL PULL – The discussions, conclusions, insights and analysis driven through the articles, news and posts shared.
With continuous interaction, it became imperative for FIAKS to collate these wonderful pearls of wisdom being shared through the community. Thus, we presented you the Bespoke Reports, a culmination of terrific ideas and massive deliberations. FIAKS can now, proudly announce that no forum, platform can boast of such bold and forward-thinking debates and discussions in the industry today.


FIAKS invites brands, institutions and organisations to partner with the Leadership Conclave and leverage this rewarding opportunity to connect with a high-level community of leaders via branding sponsorships through the event.
The FIAKS Leadership Conclave will host CxO level professionals from the Banking, Payments, Fintech, E-Commerce industry in India. The FIAKS Community Members attending the event are:

Speak and showcase to the right business leader.

With the top-level decision makers of the Banking, Fintech, Tech, Payments world!

With CxO’s who are on top of the decision-making pyramid.

CxO’s are on top of the decision-making pyramid, and FIAKS enables your brand and products to connect with this audience. With a space to exhibit and multiple networking opportunities, the conclave ensures that you reach the correct target group.

With the top-level decision makers of the BFSI world at the conclave, your new products get a focused platform to launch at and an engrossed audience to showcase to.

As a partner to the FIAKS Leadership Conclave, there are many opportunities for brands to generate sales leads for products and services.