About FIAKS Digital शिक्षाप्रसार अभियान

We in metro cities sometimes find ourselves so ignorant/challenging to use digital payment products. Many in the FIAKS community were unaware of the fact that one could debit a wallet account through UPI lite. If this is the state of digital literacy of people staying in metro cities with all the facilities available to them. What must be the state of millions of people in tier 3/4 cities? So, to help the villages of India get the answers to many of their questions, to light the lamp where digital literacy may not yet percolated, we launched the FIAKS Digital शिक्षाप्रसार अभियान

Edition 1.0

RBI circular by Chief General Manager Mr. P. Vasudevan mentions about “Increasing Instances of Payment Frauds – Enhancing Public Awareness Campaigns Through Multiple Channels” and has recognised that all stakeholders – banks & non-banks need to join hands to enhance public awareness in the face of rising instances of digital fraud. We are happy taking a small step in this direction thru, FIAKS Digital शिक्षाप्रसार अभियान. We are confident that it is all set to give impetus to window of opportunity, while promoting the marriage of convenience & caution through digital literacy.

Are you aware of any training sessions conducted in your village regarding Online Digital Payment Products and training on how can you avoid frauds while using digital products?

What are the different Digital Payments Products used in the village?

Do you know anyone using UPI product, BHIM app or RuPay card in your village?

Awareness regarding OTP, LINK, SPAM, SPAM SMS

Use of cards, POS, QR codes & Aadhaar Biometric in the village

Identifying "Digital मार्गदर्शक" in TIER 6 villages