FIAKS MOTES is an initiative to foster communication between startups and well-established organizations in the BFSI industry to boost the startup ecosystem and fuel innovation.

Startup Showcasing

Under this Knowledge Sharing initiative we curate & invite various start-ups to showcase and pitch their products and services to the FIAKS community members.

Roundtable Discussions

Under the product FIAKS MOTES, we organize a series of round tables on various fintech and financial inclusion topics with industry experts and start-up founders. We envision that these roundtables will enable collaboration, and understanding of challenges and innovations for Bharat.

Edition 1.0 - In Association with MSC

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm working in over 65 developing countries. They partnered with us to organise a knowledge sharing session with 40+ start-ups who presented their innovative solutions to revolutionise the financial health of the common man and expand financial inclusion.


Curated Lending Startups

Curated Payments & Fintech Enablers

Curated WealthTech & InsureTech Startups

Roundtable Discussions - Edition 1.0