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Founder's Speech

Founders Speech during the 2nd Edition of FIAKS Leadership Conclave.


Top Leaders talking about the social impact of Knowledge Sharing initiative FIAKS in Banking, Payments, Fintech, and e-commerce.​

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FIAKS Community Through Leaders Participated In the Mega Panel Discussion

Mr. P N Vasudevan

MD& CEO- Equitas Small Finance Bank​

Question 1: We see everything today is Digital & Algorithm based. Is Banking domain expertise becoming a back-office function? Is Banking synonymous with Technology, or is it More than Technology?

Question 2: Do frequent outages impact people’s trust in Banking?

Mr. Anubrata Biswas

MD & CEO Airtel Payments Bank​

Question: Today there is a glut of OTP demand – Aadhaar, Banks, Digital Signature even Pizza delivery boys. It is very difficult to identify the purpose of these OTPs. What are your views on the safety & usefulness of OTP?

Mr. KVS Manian​

Wholetime Director & Member of Group Management Council, Kotak Mahindra Bankk​

Question: Central to digital strategy and Innovation is Bank – Fintech collaboration. Fintech is all about start-ups. Why are banks not seen as supporting the bootstrap venture? The majority of collaboration/ partnership is about private equity or VC funded companies. Isn’t start-up also a responsibility of banks.

Mr.Ram Gopal

CEO Barclays Bank India​

Question1: Common perception is that banks are in a race to be 1st to launch the products. Today branch staff nor end customers are aware of many of the tech-based products that are offered. Are product launches more to do with PR story?

Question 2: Do banks perceive Digital Literacy as an obligation, CSR activity, or do they see it as a valuable customer acquisition tool? AI-based solutions or chatbots have been a frustrating experience? What are your views on the human aspect of digital literacy?

Ms. Sujatha Mohan

Senior Director - FIS , Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa​

Question: In Bank & Fintech collaboration, what are your thoughts on Multi-Vendor Vs Single Partner strategy for Banks?

FIAKS Fun time - Quest to fastest finger​

During the FLC 2020, we organized FIAKS Quest with a Twist! And an enthralling Mind Cooling Brain Cooling musical Finale celebration to close the curtain for the night!

Talent and raw originality come in all shapes and sizes and do not discriminate by age, gender or organizations worked for!.
FIAKS identifies these brilliant minds in the community and aims to recognize them as FIAKS Mavens. From the community of 5000+ CXO, we identified 69 FIAKS Mavens.

FIAKS Ignited Mind Award

Awardee Name

FLC2020 award was presented by FIAKS Community Thought Leader Mr.. Sanjeev Mittal – Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer The Bank of Nova Scotia and Mr. Kalidas Ghose – Vice Chairman & CEO, VP Bank Finance Ltd.

FIAKS Ignited Mind

Enterprising Professional

FIAKS Ignited Mind

Knowledge Crusader

FIAKS Pathfinder Award

Awardee Name

FLC 2020 award was presented by FIAKS Community Thought Leader Mr. Sidharth Rath – Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer SBM Bank (India) Ltd and Mr. Baskar Babu Ramachandran – Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd.

FIAKS Pathfinder

CXO Professional

FIAKS Pathfinder


FIAKS Intellectual Explorer Award

Awardee Name

FLC 2020  was presented by  FIAKS Community Thought Leader Mr. Suresh Sethi  – Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Designate  NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd. 

FIAKS Intellectual Explorer

Industry Pioneer

FIAKS Sharpshooter Award

Awardee Name

Every Friday FIAKS organises a quest for its 5000+ community members across 30+ countries on Banking, Payment, Fintech, eComm, technology topics as a part of knowledge sharing initiative. We have successfully completed 100+ FIAKS quest. We thank our Honourary Advisory committee member Shri AP Hota giving us this idea to increase the community engagement

FIAKS Sharp Shooter Award