A significant threat to the consumer experience occurs on the customer’s own device, making it hard for retailers to identify — let alone stop. This is the problem of injected ads. There is still a risk of shoppers leaving due to injected ads, which are commonly left unchecked. This is because the injected ads are applied to the e-commerce site through the user’s browser, not through the site itself. A retailer would therefore not find these ads when assessing their own site.

Injected ads are coming from traffic hijackers, who bundle these ads into browser extensions, toolbars, programs and other free software commonly downloaded online by shoppers. “These ads run on the customer’s browser. As a result, no matter how well-protected a site may be, the issue is still pervasive and the retailer has no way of knowing this issue exists, how prevalent it is, and how much revenue it’s costing them.”

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