In ‘first,’ delivery drone gets to destination in Israel without GPS signal

The Tel Aviv-based startup has developed software, called NavSight, that can be used with any off-the shelf drone equipped with a camera. The software turns the cameras into smart affordable sensors that enable the drone to “see and understand its surroundings” like the human pilot, using video processing technology to help the drone identify its location in real time.

Before the flight, the route is pre-programmed into the drone, but if GPS fails, the camera turns on automatically and acts like a sensor. This allows the drone to visualize its surroundings in real time — matching what it sees with a map — and pinpoint its own location, both in day and night missions. The technology is able to detect and classify ground and aerial objects, as well as perform 3D mapping, to fully understand its environment. The vehicle is then able either to land safely in emergency mode or get to its final location without use of the GPS or a human pilot

Read the full article on The Times of Israel

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