HDFC bank becomes the first bank to get certified by UIDAI and NPCI

HDFC Bank LIVE Aadhaar VID and UID Token implementation in FSS eFinclusiv eKYC module.

FSS official said FSS FI Gateway and MicroATM terminal application have been suitably customised as per the UIDAI mandate circular and new spec for eKYC 2.5.1 released by NPCI/UIDAI last month.

This is one of the mandate, where AEPS member Bank’s have been given a tight deadline and as per the circular from UIDAI, In case of delay, this would lead Banks surrendering their Aadhaar licence keys and opt out of the Aadhaar Authentication system by 31-Aug-2018.

Given the criticality in this implementation, FSS team had well planned and worked along with Bank, NPCI and UIDAI and got their FI Gateway certified on eKYC module with NPCI and UIDAI (as a first bank to get certified by NPCI) and moved this to production also well ahead to the deadline set by UIDAI for the Banks. (i.e., 31-Aug-2018)

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