FIAKS & India Post Payments Bank collaborate to provide digital literacy and spread awareness among Postmen & Gramin Dak Sevaks nationwide to avoid digital frauds and train them to be FIAKS Digital Margdarshak!
01Frauds through Phishing LinksVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
02Frauds through Vishing CallsVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
03Frauds using Online Sales PlatformsVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
04 Frauds due to the use of Unknown/Unverified Mobile AppsVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
05ATM Card Skimming FraudVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
06Frauds using Screen Sharing App/Remote AccessVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
07Frauds through SIM Swap/Sim CloningVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
08Frauds by Compromising Credentials on results through Search EnginesVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
09Scam through QR Code scanVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
10Frauds through Impersonation on Social MediaVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
11Frauds through Juice JackingVideo | PDFVideo | PDF
01 Frauds through Phishing Links Video | PDF Video | PDF
02 Frauds through Vishing Calls Video | PDF Video | PDF
03 Frauds using Online Sales Platforms Video | PDF Video | PDF
04 Frauds due to the use of Unknown/Unverified Mobile Apps Video | PDF Video | PDF
05 ATM Card Skimming Fraud Video | PDF Video | PDF
06 Frauds using Screen Sharing App/Remote Access Video | PDF Video | PDF
07 Frauds through SIM Swap/Sim Cloning Video | PDF Video | PDF
08 Frauds by Compromising Credentials on results through Search Engines Video | PDF Video | PDF
09 Scam through QR Code scan Video | PDF Video | PDF
10 Frauds through Impersonation on Social Media Video | PDF Video | PDF
11 Frauds through Juice Jacking Video | PDF Video | PDF

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