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Forum of Industry and Academic Knowledge Sharing (FIAKS) is based on the concept of sharing economy. From a young age, we were all taught that sharing is good. From Uber to Airbnb, are based on the concept of sharing resources. We all keep acquiring tons of knowledge which remain with us all the time and if the platform is provided to intellectuals then it can be of great help in skilling and re-skilling professionals. FIAKS has built a unique P2P cross border knowledge sharing initiative using social networking sites and messaging app.

What Problem FIAKS Is Solving?

  • The problem of mid-career professionals: They are being challenged in spite of rich domain expertise because of innovative technologies hence we created a knowledge sharing platform which educates, informs and inspires entrepreneurial journey.
  • The problem of students not from premium business: Today, all the benefits are available to most students of the premium business school. Every student is a good student irrespective of college or city he/she comes from or the language he/she speaks. We need to create knowledge sharing opportunity to skill them.
  • Lack of opportunities for intellectuals:
    • Who are keen to voice their concerns on various matters related to the industry
    • Reach their solutions/recommendations to regulators, policy makers and decision making authorities

How Are We Solving The Problem?

  • Online real-time continuous skilling/re-skilling through the digital/social channel
    • without a need to leave work or
    • no need to attend classroom sessions.
  • Create an intellectual pull:
    • Online discussions amongst Founders, CEO/CXO professionals on important topics and in-depth analysis on topics relevant to banking, Payment & e-Commerce industry.
    • Provide a platform for Intellectual to voice their concerns online
    • Whenever Wherever. No geographical constraints
    • Even if you are not part of designated committees
    • Recommendations/Suggestion of FIAKS community influences/equip the top bankers, founders CEO’s who are part of various committees.
    • The identity of the member is kept anonymous, hence,  its a fearless expression of solutions that are helping nation building.

About Founders 

She is a veteran banker specializing in the Information Technology domain. Anuradha has worked with Axis Bank- IT Department for 12+ years & Wipro Infotech for 9+ years. She is Post Graduate in Information Technology Management from Welingkar Institute affiliated to Mumbai University. She is very passionate about her new venture and committed towards it. With almost everyone in the Indian startup ecosystem gunning for funding, bootstrapping seems passé. Anuradha believes that only those with mettle and courage can sustain over a period of time and stay bootstrapped.

Anuradha Panditrao
Anuradha PanditraoFounder & CIO

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